PhD Candidate


in Economic


Department of Human Geography
CIRCLE, Lund University
Contact Details
Email: lucinda.david(at)
Office phone: 046 222 0000
Visiting Address: Solvegatan 16
Lund 223 63 Sweden

About Me

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Human Geography and affiliated with the Centre for Innovation Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE) at Lund University, Sweden. I'm currently researching on a project on regional economies, generously funded by FORMAS. My research focuses on institutions, agency, regional resilience, economic crises, timing norms and institutional work. In this project, the following questions are interrogated:

1. Why does agency emerge during times of regional economic crises?

2. How do institutions enable or constrain the capacity of actors for adaptation?

3. How is institutional work constituted when actors attempt to mediate timing norms?


Agency and Resilience in the time of regional economic crisis
How term limits constrain the emergence of agency and resilience (Working Paper and In review)
Using Fuzzy QCA in testing the institutional conditions for the emergence of agency (In preparation)

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